Millennials are Mobile First: What Marketers Need to Know

Who are the Millennials?

Elizabeth Hahn

There is some disagreement about how to define the millennial generation. Wikipedia suggest that it included people who were born between the late 1970s and early 2000s.

The Urban Dictionary say this generation includes those born between 1982 and 1994.


Millennials Love Mobile

In accordance with the survey of there are 85% of the millennials in the U.S. who have their own smartphones. As a result they are the largest segment in the U.S. population.


Moreover the Wall Street Journal said that millennials spend 14.5 hours per week on their smartphones. This high number shows us the dependence of the people. They need their smartphones for the daily routine. For example to communicate with other people via emails. Therefore it is not a surprise that New York Post said that a study of the Bank of America Trends in Consumer Mobility found out that only 87% of millennials said their deodorant was essential to them, whereas 93% of the interviewed persons had the opinion that a smartphone is very important.

Why should Marketers be interested in Millennials?

The website said that there are 80 million millennials in the population of the U.S. Their purchasing power amount to $200 billion every year. Thus they are a very lucrative market. As a consequence marketers give millennials a high priority and try to understand them.

Tips for Marketers to target Millennials?

Bill Sarris

User Generated Content

This type of content is a great way for millennials. They trust it 50% more than any other type of media according to Ipsos MediaCT. This phenomenon is called social proof when the customer needs to see the products of the marketers before making the final purchase.

There are different social platforms were the customer write about their experiences, give feedback and share pictures. To get this valuable content businesses need to have a presence on those platforms.

Mobile-friendly Organization of your Website

Google Developers


A good example for a website experience is the page loading time.  Kissmetrics said that 40% abandon a website if the website takes longer than 3 seconds. the viewer goes to somewhere else. So this means that the website should be optimized for mobile user otherwise the viewer goes to somewhere else.