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Video marketing: 3 Irish examples best practice

Homecoming: Christmas 2016

The video is about a family doing preparations for Christmas. The whole family work together for the feast. At the end of the video they surprise their grandpa so that they can celebrate Christmas together and he seems very happy about that. I like this video because of its familiar atmosphere. It’s very emotional and it gives you a feeling of togetherness. The video also shows us what is really important at Christmas time. It’s the people and not the presents what makes a person happy.  The video is not about promoting a company. Just at the end you can see that the video is from Lidl.


H&M New Autumn Collection 2016

In this video created by H&M the company wants to introduce their new autumn collection 2016. Women wear different kind of clothes at special places like in the restaurant or at work. What impressed me was that every type of women no matter if young or old, short or long hair, or which skin color they have. This video is a perfect example of showing how tough and fearless women can be. The video inspires with its colorful clothes and a feeling of emotions to buy these clothes. I enjoy the music because it suits perfect the scenes in the video.


Discover Ireland

The target group in this video are Irish people to go on holiday in their home country. In the video there are six friends talking about where to go in Ireland. They show us different places, the food and the Irish music. In the video you can see their activities like riding, kayaking, climbing or relaxing during the sunset. This is my favorite video because it reveals with the bright and green color the wonderful landscape of Ireland. The music provides Irish flair, is very appealing and has a personal touch.

3 great brands on blogs and 3 great brands on Twitter

12 hrs

12 hrs is a travel blog by Anna Peuckert from Germany and Soren Jepsen from Denmark. The blog is called 12hrs because they write about short trips.

12 hrs

I like this blog because they ignore the usual recommendations and instead they give tips from locals and themselves. With its bright colors you feel you would be there.

12 hrs Istanbul

Food Heaven Made Easy

Food Heaven Made Easy is a food blog with delicious recipes.

Food Heaven Made Easy

The blog is about different recipes including cooking videos and nutrition tips. I like that in every video a famous person is shown for example Wendy Lopez or Jessica Jones and they give an advice about how to cook healthy.


Food Heaven Made Easy


Freeletics tries to motivate people to live a healthy and balanced life and to become the best version of yourself. The goal is to perform every training as fast as possible. Your training time is your performance measure.

Freeletics to the wintertime

One reason why I like Freeletics is that you can train in parks, sports fields, gyms or other places. However, most workouts can be done at home as well.


They also offer you a nutrition coach.

Freeletics-Heavy Food

Kerrygold Ireland on Twitter

Kerrygold on Twitter

Ireland is proud of their famous brand ‘Kerrygold butter’.


The product is 100% natural and from the milk of grass-fed cows. The butter is very creamy and contains salt. I like this blog, because of its colourful pictures which show a lot of nice recipes made with Kerrygold butter.


Pancakes made with Kerrygold Butter


Tasty on Twitter

Tasty- The Rollon

Another famous brand on Twitter is Tasty. They give you recipes for foods and in the videos they show you how to prepare this food.  The brand is very famous because of their likes and followers.

Cookies & Brownies Cream Cheesecake



Adidas on Twitter

I love the products from Adidas. That’s why I also like their Twitter account. I like the different kind of videos. The company isn’t only focusing on promotion like other famous sport brands. For them it’s important to show their products in every situation whether it’s on the football pitch or another sports field.








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